3 proper ways to hang your curtains

curtainsA pretty room with a poorly hung curtain is like a beautiful woman wearing too short pants! It can make everything inside the room look less attractive and make you feel uncomfortable as well. Just looking at it can give a bad impression. Are your curtains hanging wrongly?

Hanging your curtains

You may think that you have done it properly until you are sit comfortably in your favourite chair and you feel there is something wrong with your window.

  • Is it the curtain’s design?
  • Maybe it’s the colour?
  • Well, it can be the way you hang your curtains.

When it comes to hanging them, the rule is to keep your ceiling looking as high as possible. Maybe this is the main reason why you continue to make the same mistake?

Avoiding curtains that are too short for your windows is simple,once you know these 3 correct ways to hang your curtains:

1. The slight float. If you want to hang your curtains without any breaks at all, but don’t want it to touch the floor, this is for you. Simply, hang them less than an inch above the floor. It doesn’t quite touch the floor.

2. The puddle. Want to give your room that romantic feel? This type of hanging allows your curtains to puddle all over the floor, creating a feminine, old world look. It is just perfect, if your curtain is a high quality fabric – it will be sure to make a statement!

3. The kiss. It barely touches the floor and can look gorgeous in any space. However, this might be harder to pull off as you have to measure your curtain accurately. When measuring, consider some tiny break/bend in your curtain when it is open.

3 proper ways to hang your curtains

Now that you know how to hang your curtains flawlessly, there’s no reason for excuses! For a lovely selection of curtains, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. We have an extensive variety of curtains to suit your taste. Ring us today for a free quote.