3 common mistakes to avoid when choosing blinds

blindsAre you excited about acquiring some new blinds? You should be, blinds can make your indoor life more enjoyable. With so many things your blinds can offer, your only wish is to choose a blind that you can stay with for a long time – a lifetime if possible.

Indoor blinds for your home

When you are about to purchase blinds for your home, you’ll realise it’s a tough task. With so many designs and styles of blinds, you’ll surely get lost with your options especially if it’s your first time buying. Due to this, it’s important that you know what you want and what you don’t like. Apart from determining your needs, it’s also important that you know the common mistakes when choosing blinds.

See? You can be too eager with securing your blinds that you forget to heed some common mistakes to avoid.

Here are the lists of general mistakes you should know:

  1. Choosing the same blind for every room
  2. Taking the wrong measurements
  3. Buying in hurry

Blinds by Rians Rian's Windpw TreatmentsChoosing the same blind for every room

This may sound like a good idea at the time or simply, an easier option – but don’t get caught. Why should all of your blinds be identical? Boring! Each room in your house has its own theme, character and unique style – so, why not spice it up a little? I promise you; you won’t be disappointed. Even if it is choosing a different colour or pattern, it will make the world of difference.

Taking the wrong measurements

Be sure to take the exact measurements and check them a couple of times at least. It often pays to have a second pair of eyes to go through the sizing with you. We never think this will happen to us – but you’d be surprised as to how often it does. Then you’re stuck with an unfitted blind – costing you time and money. Better still get a free in home measure and quote, then you can’t make a mistake – leave it to the professionals.

Venetian Blinds are perfect for bathroomsBuying in hurry

Okay, you want blinds for your home but slow down. Buying in a hurry will cause you to make mistakes and you will not be able to obtain the result you are wanting. Take your time in choosing blinds – there’s no rush as there’re lots of things to consider.

3 common mistakes to avoid when choosing blinds

Take note of these mistakes and avoid making them. If you need a reputable company for your outdoor blinds, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. Our products are made from high quality materials.
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