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Everything you need to know about custom made curtains

curtainsOur Aussie weather can be very hot and humid at times. Most homeowners are looking for ways to decrease the heat entering through their home openings such as their windows and doors. The most common way is to install an air conditioner to escape those heats. However, did you know that installing curtains can also cool down your room temperature?

How does a curtain work?

The primary function of a curtain is to decrease the amount of sunlight entering your home. Different people have different tolerance levels to sunlight and installing curtains provides the means to adjust the flow of sunlight according to a person’s preference.

When it comes to reducing heat and keeping your home cool, curtains also plays a great role. There are different types of curtains available. While some are excellent in keeping your home bright and cheery, some curtains can prevent both heat loss and heat gain. Normally, these are curtains with a thick fabric as they will resist heat from going in and out.

custom made curtainsCustom made curtains

You’ve heard about custom made curtains – but what does it really mean? Custom made curtains are made specially to cater to YOUR needs and wants. It fits your requirement and is designed to complete its purpose perfectly. Custom made curtains can be created in a different sizes, made from combined materials and can come in rare colours – of course, this depends on your preference.

You can have your curtains designed completely suited to meet your requirements – it can be a curtain that you can use during winter but it can also be transformed during the summer months. It all depends on you. What’s your taste and desire?

Everything you need to know about custom made curtains

Still not sure how you want your custom made curtains or what materials you are going to use? Contact Rian’s Window Treatments for all your needs. We have a wide knowledge on different window treatments including curtains. We can come to your home and do a free in home consultation to help you, we can give you advice on your curtains and advise you what’s best for your home. Ring us today and let’s talk!