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How to brighten up your child’s room

Curtains for the Baby roomNeed to brighten up your child’s room? Curtains are an affordable way to create a huge difference in the feel of your child’s room. Curtains can brighten up the room and produce the perfect atmosphere.

Here are 3 tips on choosing the right curtains for child’s room.

  1. Match with other accessories
  2. Use patterned curtains
  3. Use bright coloured curtains

Match with other accessories

Before choosing a particular curtain design, you must think about what is already in the room, what will stay? Check the other things like linen, cushions, rugs and furniture to decide to design what style will suit best. Turn your child’s room into the best playroom, a great place to be by blending the right theme and décor.

Use patterned curtains

Kids love to play, think about the type of mood you want to create. Use artistic patterned curtains such as floral patterns, polka dots, golden moon, clouds and twinkling stars to give your children a sound sleep making them feel comfy.

For girls, use pink, purple, bright hues and you can team this will butterfly, fairies or flower patterns. For boys, blues, greens and yellows make a perfect match with cars, trucks, machinery or the great outdoors as they are very attractive in their eyes.

Babys room curtainsUse bright coloured curtains

Think bright and happy colours. Nothing is more attractive for kids than sheer curtains as they come in large range of colours to filter lovely light and make the room look wider than it really is. Team the sheer with a heavier feature curtain and you have the best of both worlds.

Choose colours such as orange, sunny golden, light blue, turquoise, green,citrus yellow and more combinations as they convey pleasant and happy mood perfect for your playful kids.

How to brighten up your child’s room?

Remember the 3 tips and you will have happy children who love their rooms.

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