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How to decide what size of blind I need?

blindsBlinds offer many benefits such as an aesthetic look as well as being practical. Having the right size of blind will make such a difference to your room and the overall feel of your room. New blinds are a great invested so make sure to measure them first before buying them.

Here are the how-to tips to ensure a proper fit blinds for your home.

  1. Determine your window type
  2. The use of your room
  3. Measure the exact size you need
  4. Choose inside or outside mount
  5. Measure casing depth

Determine your window type

Knowing the type of blind you need and want can help you decide what size you need. Blinds come in a wide range of sizes, colours and designs to fit any window types.

The use of your room

What is your room used for? Is it an airy sunroom or a theatre room where you are trying to restrict the light? Your child’s bedroom or a room where a shift workers needs to sleep? Are looking for privacy?

All these questions will determine what type of blind you need and whether you need to do a combination with curtains too.

You can use horizontal blinds as they are suitable for almost all window types, providing you great ventilation as you roll them up to get enough air and light. If you have large, sliding glass doors or windows, vertical blinds are your perfect choice. For darkness, a roller blind and curtains maybe you perfect option.

Measure the exact size you need

combination_blinds_curtains1Use steel measuring tape to get the most accurate measurement of your blinds. Note the exact length, width and casing depth measurements for your window or door as there can be small variations that tend to look the same size. Measure each dimension to the nearest 0.3175 cm.

Choose inside or outside mount

Decide whether to hang blinds inside or outside the window frame. Blinds hang inside the window frame with inside mount blocking cold breeze and scorching heat.Inside mount gives a cleaner look from outside

Whereas outside mount will leave the blinds with a small gap allowing the heat in.

Measure casing depth

Casing depth refers to how far the window sits inside the frame or distance from the window to the edge of the frame. Measure the top, centre and bottom of the window to then you will know if there is enough space for an inside mount.

How to decide what size of blind I need?

If in doubt, ask Rian’s Window Treatments, we provide free inhouse measure and quoting; or in some situations we can do it off your house plans.

Have you already bought blinds that just don’t quite fit?

Rian’s Window Treatment can even modify blinds to fit your exact window size. Yes we can cut down readymade blinds and customize them to your exact needs.

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Can blind tracks be repaired?

Blind Parts Call Rian’s Window TreatmentsDepending on the fault but in most occasions, yes. Repairing blind tracks can make your blinds last a lot longer, not only is it cheaper but very environmental friendly. Follow the tips for replacing the stem and worn gears as they play a very important role for your blinds.

  1. Rotate the vanes
  2. Remove the stem
  3. Detach the worn gears
  4. Change the worn gears
  5. Replace the stem

Rotate the vanes

Rotate the vanes using a metal beaded chain; make sure they are exactly straight then open to secure them.

Remove the stem

Twist the carrier body and base of the stem using a pair of needle nose pliers. You will need to exert a little force to do this but be careful. The stem should just pop out when you did it right.

Detach the worn gear

Make sure that the track is straight and open before removing the gear. Work the worn gear out between the tilt rod and stem gently.

Change the gear

Always remember that the track must be wide open to place the new gear into. Hold it at its tip then carefully fit it into the track.

Replace the stem

Push the stem on the base. Secure the carrier body by holding it on both sides making it steady. Click it back into place. After that, you can hang the vanes and admire your work.

Can blind tracks be repaired?

If you are not a handy person and would prefer to have a professional replace the gears in your blinds call Rian’s Window Treatments, we even do house calls.

Ring us now on 9581 5005 to book an appointment, we can make everything easy for you.

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How long will my roller blinds last?

Roller blinds by RiansWant to create an inviting feel to your home? Consider dressing up your windows with roller blinds. Your windows can be the getaway to the great outdoors, make sure you accentuate it by using the right window treatments. When installed properly, roller blinds can transform the look of your house – from having the feel of the seventies throwback to a stylish, modern today look. What do you prefer?

Are roller blinds durable?

Yes – they are. They are created and designed to handle the daily wear and tear. Since they are made especially for windows, they look stylish and can deal with any harmful substances or dirt that comes from the external environment. However, you may start to wonder how long your roller blinds will last.

Well, the answer depends on several factors. Below are the key determinants of your roller blinds durability:Roller Blinds - Perfectly made to fit your windows from Rian's Window Treatments Mandurah

  • The type of fabric
  • Roller blind tubing materials
  • Roller blind operating system
  • UV resistant treatment

The type of fabric

Roller blinds can be made from different types of fabric. Each of these fabrics has its unique strength depending on the weave of structure and its quality. Some of the common fabric types include – translucent, sunscreen and block out fabrics.

Roller blind tubing materialsRoller Blinds - Perfectly made to fit your windows from Rian's Window Treatments Mandurah

There are various materials your tubing can be made of – aluminium and steel being the most common. Steel is perfect for wet areas and it is long lasting. On the other hand, aluminium is lightweight and when galvanised, can last for a long time.

Roller blind operating system

Roller blinds come with different operating systems. A durable operating system allows you to use your blinds for longer. When selecting, choose a roller blind operating system which requires less maintenance and is easy to operate. This will limit repairs, hence it can last longer.

UV resistant treatment

Roller blinds are exposed to direct sunlight. Over time, too much sunlight can weaken your fabric. Make sure to choose a fabric material with a close weave structure as they tend to withstand UV rays better than other materials.

How long will my roller blinds last?

Different materials and installation conditions will mean your roller blinds will last for different amount of years. Your roller blinds will last when the materials used are durable and of great quality. When choosing blinds, you need to examine the product carefully and the materials. Are you looking for quality roller blinds? Contact Rian’s Window Treatments for all your blind, curtain and window treatment needs. Our products are very durable and of the highest quality and we can tell you the expected life of each type of product.

Ring Rian’s Window Treatments for more information on expected life spans and warranties for all our blind products.