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What should you consider when choosing blinds?

Roman blindsAre you about to purchase a new blind for your home?

Whether you just want to dress up your window or want to filter sunlight entering your home, adding a blind is a great way to address both situations.

With so many blind options, the choices can overwhelm you.

  • What colour?
  • What design and style should you select?
  • Should you pick the same blinds like your friends have?
  • Should you go for something a little different?

Choosing blinds for your home can be easier than youthink – as long as you know what you are looking for and the things to consider. That way, you can maximise the functionality of your blinds. Here are things you should think about before you purchase a blind:

  • Personal preference
  • View outside
  • Safety
  • Room use

Bedroom BlindsPersonal preference

You can receive advice from your family and friends as to what type of blinds you should buy but always refer to your taste. If you don’t like its colour and design, why purchase it? You might end up, hating it and having replacing down the track because you don’t like staring at it every day.

View outside

Your blind look awesome inside but does it give you a proper view outside when you want to? Your blinds should not interfere with the outside view – it should allow you to control what you want and don’t want to see. Or give you’re the privacy blocking out the street view so you can really enjoy your room.


Do you have children? Most blinds come with a cord and sometimes, they pose a threat to your children especially when they are not securely placed at a safe distance. Be sure to keep your blind cords secured properly and tucked away somewhere safe. Cordless blinds are a great option too.

Room use

Where do you plan to use your blinds? Some blind types are designed to specifically fit to a certain window. For example, a vertical blind often suits a large patio window. When choosing, consider the room where you are planning to put your blinds – it makes the choosing so much easier.

What should you consider when choosing blinds?

Are you still in doubt of what blinds you should choose? For free advice, contact Rian’s Window Treatments – we can help you decide which blinds will best suit your home. We also have a wide range of blinds available – so, you’re sure to get something that will fit your requirement.

Plus we do free home visits and can show you a range of blinds that really fits your needs, and suits you taste. Ring Rian’s Window Treatments today on 9581 5005 and let’s have a chat.

How to prevent curtains from fading?

bright-coloured-curtainsBright coloured curtains sure look lovely. Choosing the right colour for your curtains can help you create the look you want for your home. This is the main reason why many homeowners are keen on choosing the right curtain colour. Curtains, whatever their colours are, add style and depth to your home décor. Curtains are perfect – so long as the colour doesn’t fade with time!

Why curtain colour fades?

Did you notice how your hair colour gets lighter during the summer? That’s all because of the sun’s heat – it has a natural bleaching property that can lighten up any colour, such as your hair and it also includes your curtain! Your curtain is bound to get exposed to the sun’s heat thus you should not be surprised to see its colour start to fade.

Is there a way to prevent curtains from fading?

All fabrics will eventually fade but there are steps in order to slow down the fading process and you get to enjoy your bright and deep coloured curtains for many years! Here’s how:

  • Install tinted windows. Tinted windows can block 90 percent of the sun’s heat. Less exposure to sun’s heat means slower fabric fading on your curtain.
  • Use a wide curtain track. During the day, when you want to let some sunshine in, a wide curtain track can let you pull back your curtains away from direct sunlight.
  • Use curtains with a good quality lining. They provide better insulation and are more resistant to sun damage.
  • Use sheer curtains during the day. It can provide you with some privacy at day time and only bring down your main curtain at night time.

How to prevent curtains from fading?

Knowing how to care for your curtains can go a long way – you can continue to enjoy your curtains for many years without replacement.

Do you need new curtains for your home? Contact Rian’s Window Treatments for all your needs. We offer a variety of window treatments such as blinds, curtains, shutters as well as wallpapers too. Ring Rian’s Window Treatments today on 9581 5005.

FAQ’s when ordering blinds from Rian’s Window Treatments

faqs-by-riansDo you want durable and stylish blinds? Purchase any of your window treatments including blinds from Rian’s Window Treatments. Our blinds are custom made from the highest quality materials ensuring you of a durable product that can last for many years plus they will exactly fir your window space, near enough is not good enough. We have every confidence in the quality of our blinds,therefore offering a 5 year warranty on all of our products.

Affordable blinds

Here at Rian’s Window Treatments, we combine quality with great value. That is why our blinds are cost effective – even our custom made blinds which are more affordable than you might expect. You are guaranteed to find a blind that will suit your home and your budget too.

When ordering blinds, we receive a lot of questions from our clients. Thus, we compile these questions and we answer them as accurate as possible.

How will you know that you received my order?

After you place your order and accept our quote, your will be advised on the delivery time and we will organise an installation date with you (if you are having your blinds installed by Rian’s Window Treatments).

Roman blindsCan my blinds be delivered to a different address than my home address?

Yes of course. Let us know where you would like the blinds installed eg your rental property and the arrangements for access on the installation day.

What should I do with a blind with a wrong measurement?

They won’t be, if we have done a measure for you. All our measure and quotes are free, so best let us do the measurements for you.

Can I pick up my order from the shop?

Yes, if you have ordered blinds only and no installation, we will ring you when your order is ready and you can come and pick them up from our shop at

FAQ’s when ordering blinds from Rian’s Window Treatments

Do you have more questions for us? Call Rian’s Window Treatments directly on 9581 5005 so you can speak to our friendly staff – we are happy to answer your questions.

Is Wallpaper Outdated?

Sanderson wallpaper bold statements, perfect for a feauture wall or to stamp your claim on your roomWallpaper offers versatility you need as a homeowner by providing solutions to help them achieve the kind of style they are looking for. You can have everything from classic to retro to a more modern and polished feel to your feature wall, room or whole house.

In the early 1980’s wallpaper was going out of style and many homeowners opted for paint instead. In the last few years, however, wallpaper has made a definite comeback and the different designs available now can offer a customized look and feel that just can’t be achieved with paint alone.

Why use wallpaper today?

Wallpaper is the perfect feature for your home. Here are a couple of reasons to consider wallpaper for your home.

  • Versatility
  • Positioning


The numerous colours and textures are available today, wallpaper choices have never been better, they are outstanding! Whether you’re looking for bold and brilliant, sophisticated, romantic or fun and whimsical, wallpaper offers a solution thatcan be quick to create and easy to clean.  Wallpaper is perfect for the playroom or your children’s bed rooms.


Small rooms can be an ideal background for the right wallpaper.  The bathroom or even a study will take on an entirely new appearance once the right wallpaper is in place.  You can make a small room look light and airy with light coloured wallpaper but not have to comprise on style.

Larger rooms can also benefit from a feature wall with the right accent of wallpaper.  A feature wall can be achieved by gluing the wallpaper to one wall only and then painting the remaining walls.  Regardless of the effect you are trying to create, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking in the wallpaper range.

Is Wallpaper Outdated?

No definitely not, wallpaper is a valuable resource to aid in achieving the home décor you are looking for. Classic to modern and everything in between, wall paper has it all.

At Rian’s Window Treatments we have a large range of wallpapers, phone 9581 5005 to make an appointment with our mobile consultant.