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A guide to choosing curtains

curtains lovely patternsWhen shopping for curtains, there are several factors to thing about.

  • Which room will they hang in?
  • Who will use the room?
  • Do you need to block light or soften sounds?
  • What effect are you trying to achieve?

The process can be quite confusing unless you understand exactly what you need. Here are three thingsthat will help you to choose the right curtains for your needs.

  • Types of Curtains
  • Curtain Colours
  • Curtain Fabrics

Types of Curtains

Sheer Curtains – If you want to infuse a room with light or add a romantic touch while maintaining privacy, sheer curtains make a wonderful option.

Unlined Curtains – For a greater degree of privacy, you may choose an unlined curtain that will still allow a certain amount of light to shine through.

Lined Curtains– For privacy and warmth, lined curtains make an excellent choice.

Sun Blockout Curtains or Thermal Lined Curtains – For privacy and sun protection, these curtains are quite popular in bedrooms, children’s rooms and other rooms where a quiet, dark space is desired.

Curtain Colours

Then you need to choose the type of effect you would like, not only what colour but will it be a solid colour or a pattern. Think about the theme of the room and the existing furnishings and decor you already have.

Solid – Solid curtains offer many decorating options and leave plenty of space for future modifications and décor changes. Bright curtains that match other select elements in the room can help you make a statement about your particular style. If you’re looking for a more formal option, you may choose to blend curtain colors with the walls and other elements of the décor.

Patterns – If solid colors are dominant throughout a room, patterns may be exactly what you need in a curtain. Contemporary patterns such as stripes and geometric shapes bring a modern feel to any room. Vertical stripes make an excellent choice for smaller rooms as they make the ceiling appear taller.

Curtain Fabrics

Light fabrics such as silk, linen and other similar fabrics will filter light entering the room as well as hang beautifully and add a light, airy feel to the décor.

Heavier fabrics such as suede, velvet and tapestry, on the other hand, will block much of the light and ensure room temperature is consistent within the room. The heavier the fabric is the more difficult it will be for light to pass through.

A guide to choosing curtains, ask Rian’s Window Treatments for help!

As you can these there is more to picking your curtains than just choosing the colour. Needs some help?

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Which summer décor is right for you?

window treatmentsSchools out or almost; warm breezes are about to float through – summer time is here!

Why not redecorate your home to give it a carefree, inviting feel of summer décor that reflects your style? You’d be surprised to know that you can also match it with the right window treatments!

Summer décor styles

Here are some décor styles that will inspire you during these beautiful warm months.

  • Peppy. Want to have a home with a splash of colour? Then, this is for you.
  • Boho style. Love the beach and the cool water? This is perfect for your style.
  • Rustic lake style. If you want a design that allows you to escape the busy rat race and want a peaceful summer, this is for you!

Vertical_Blinds_AquaPeppy fresh

You can add excitement to your summer by adding bright and bold hues inside your home. You can add a chair in green or red colour, a colourful rug or a wall décor in yellow or orange colour. For your windows, you can use curtains with bright colours or opt for a roller shade in baby blue or a roman shade in retro zest.

Boho style

This relaxing look is perfect for people who love the beach. Add beach like décor inside your home – a relaxing table, a beach painting or a chair shaped like a boat. For your windows, try adding a woven wood blind or an easy pinch pleat drapery in a white colour to enhance the look of your home with a boho theme.

curtainsRustic lake style

Embrace the outdoors with lots of natural finishes, organic accents and add furniture that will make your night party just that little bit cosier! To complete the look, use draperies in neutral colours or you can use wood shutters.

Which summer décor is right for you?

Have you chosen your style already?

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5 things you need to know before decorating with wallpaper

Sanderson wallpaper makes every room look wonderfulDo you find wallpapers attractive? Good, because they are just the perfect way to update the look of your home without spending too much money. When you’re tired of how your home looks, you can remove your old wallpaper and replace it with something nice and new. How cool is that? Often this is the main reason why many homeowners prefer using wallpaper rather than painting their walls.


Those papers with the lovely patterns you stick on your walls? Those are wallpapers. Through the years, they’ve been a common staple in our homes, but we hardly notice them – especially on how we can maximise its usage. Yes, the proper use of wallpaper can bring out the best in your home.

Here’s all the ins and outs on what you need to know about wallpaper.

1. How can I wallpaper a small room?

Stay away from dark coloured wallpaper with small prints. Choose wallpaper with large and fantastical print such as a botanical or bird print. The oversized print will create an illusion that the walls are bigger.

2. Where to use wallpaper with small prints?

Small prints work in a room where you want a sense of calm and peacefulness – a perfect example is in your bedroom. Do not use them in your living room because small prints often fade out and get lost in the largeness of the space.

3. How do I keep it from getting too expensive?

Love wallpapers but your budget is tight? Do one wall in a dramatic pattern and add a mirror on the opposite wall. That way, you can create an echo of the print without the need to use another wallpaper. Simple but effective.

4. What’s the common wallpaper mistake?

Sanderson wallpaper - Bright and beautifulWhen installing wallpaper, double check if the pattern is running in the right direction. Most people only realise when it’s too late and it has already been installed.

5. Use wallpaper in hallways and corridors

Wallpapers tend to end up in living rooms and bedrooms – therefore, completely forgetting your hallways and corridors. Hallways can be dark and boring, and by placing wallpaper can make the walls come to life.

5 things you need to know before decorating with wallpaper

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