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How can you use curtains inside your home?

curtainsYou’ve seen various windows adorned with curtains – and they look fabulous.

You may start to wonder what the real purpose of curtains are?

  • Are they a sort of home décor?
  • Do they filter out insects?
  • Do the stop thelight?
  • What about sound?

Well curtains can do some or all of the these things. Curtains are a common staple in every home because they are both a decorative and functional item.

Balance light and dark intensities

Curtains are well known for filtering out too much light. If you have a problem with too much sunlight entering your home but don’t want to close your windows totally, a curtain can help. There are sheer curtains, perfect for filtering light but still give you enough sunlight to make your home appear brighter.

There are also curtains that can totally block out sunlight. They are often called drapes – made from thick materials and can even block outside noise. When not in use, you can slide the curtain to allow the sunlight in. In other words, curtains give you control on how much light, darkness and sound that can enter your room.

Curtains to suit your roomLovely piece of décor

Curtains come in an array of different colours and made from various materials. They can also be printed or patterned. If you need a more elaborate design, you can always add embroidery to your curtains. Curtains that blend well with your home and wall décor can enhance the appearance of your home.

Curtains as divisions

Want to provide privacy between your dining area and living room? Instead of installing a wall which can be costly, use a curtain as a division. If you need to widen your dining or living room area, just draw the curtains to create more space. It’s that simple!

How can you use curtains inside your home?

You see, curtains are more than just a piece of fabric hanging from your windows. They can be very functional if you know how to make the most of your curtains. Do you need curtains for your home? Contact Rian’s Window Treatments for exquisite curtains. We supply curtains in Mandurah and the surrounding areas too.

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How will wallpaper patterns affect my room?

wallpaperWant to transform the look of your room? Try adding wallpaper. Wallpaper is a fresh and fabulous décor you can add to any room but sometimes, they can be intimidating too – especially if it’s your first time to choose one. You see, wallpapers come in different colours and patterns. Yes, it seems like the last thing you want to do is add wallpaper with patterns which could create a cluttered look. However, to make your space stand out, using patterned wallpaper is the way to go!

Patterned wallpapers

Wallpapers can increase visual awareness, especially when you choose patterned wallpapers. They offer a dramatic way to define a room. For example, bold, abstract printed wallpaper can instantly establish a contemporary style inside your room. On the other hand, a small floral printed wallpaper will suggest a more traditional country theme.

home-wallpaperPatterned wallpapers can convey a different effect on your room – allowing you to create different themes and styles. Read on to see how patterned wallpapers can affect your room and how you can use it to maximise its effect.

Large patterns

Large patterns add the most visual to a room. Wallpaper with large patterns can make a room appear smaller and more intimate.

Geometric prints

When applied to your walls, the geometric print gives an impression of continuous space. Large prints can be bold and exciting, while smaller prints can be very subtle.

Vertical lines

Wallpaper with vertical lines can make your ceiling appear higher. They are perfect for a room with a low ceiling.You can dramatise the look by contrasting the colours.

Harlequin poetica wallpaper perfect for your bedroomHorizontal stripes

The horizontal stripes can make your room appear wider.You can have a lot of fun with this. When wallpaper with vertical line patterns is hung horizontally, it is called “railroading”.

How will wallpaper patterns affect my room?

When used properly, wallpapers can enhance the look of your space and transform the appearance of your room from drab to fab! Need wallpaper for your home? Contact Rian’s Window Treatments for lovely wallpaper options. We also offer window treatments that include blinds, roller shutters, curtains and repair parts. Ring us today to discuss your needs with us.