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The perfect curtains for that spring feel!

Lovely curtains to suit your homeWith spring upon us, it’s time we think about warm weather, flowers and the colourful things that spring has to offer.

Feel like your home is not reflecting the season?

Do you need to replace those heavy dark coloured curtains hanging on your windows with something nice and light? The best way to enjoy the spring, bring that light airy feel inside!

Update your curtains, spring is here!

It’s time to open up those windows and let the fresh air in. Feel the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze coming in by using the right curtains. Light curtains are perfect for this lovely weather which includes:

  • Lace curtains
  • Sheer curtains

Lace curtains

Lace curtains come in a number of different styles and create an old world charm that will compliment any home. Generally, lace curtains can be found in white and ivory colour and can be used as is or in combination with other heavier curtains or blinds – the choice is yours.

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are available in a wide variety of colours and come in different sizes that will suit ever window. They allow the sun light to enter your windows without losing your privacy. Like lace curtains, they can also be used as is or under other window treatments.

Both sheer and lace curtains are affordable for all your window treatment needs. Its spring so why don’t you bring in a little of the lovely weather inside your home? With lace and sheer curtains, you can!

The perfect curtains for that spring feel!

When you are looking for sheer and lace curtains, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. We have a wide range of curtains that will suit your every need. Bring out the best in your home this spring, ring us now for free measure and quote and inhouse consultation.

What type of blinds will suit my bathroom?

Venetian Blinds are perfect for bathroomsBathrooms are a wet and damp place. Steam can penetrate your bathroom if you use the wrong blinds that can’t withstand moisture. To avoid moisture, install the right bathroom blinds to provide good ventilation.

Reasons to get moisture resistant bathroom blinds:

  1. Blinds that can withstand high humidity
  2. Affordable and cost effective
  3. Allows sufficient light
  4. Creates elegant look

Blinds that can withstand high humidity

Having hot baths and showers in your bathroom will require your blinds to resist high humidity levels and water splashes plus provide the privacy that you need.

Affordable and cost effective

While wooden and heavy fabric blinds don’t work well in a wet room as they can be prone to mildew, it is better to use moisture-resistant bathroom blinds that can last longer, saves you time and money perfect to put your mind at rest.

Allows sufficient light

Unless you have a large luxurious bathroom area, you may notice that your small bathroom doesn’t get enough light. Make sure to install moisture-resistant blinds to maximise natural sunlight in your room without losing your privacy. Consider a colour palette of light hues to provide brighter look in your bathroom. Remember to open your blinds to let the sun in whenever possible.

Creates elegant look

Blinds come in a variety of size, colour, pattern and style to add a splash of elegance to your bathroom. You can add venetian blinds to have privacy screening during daylight andnight.

What type of blinds will suit my bathroom?

Choose moisture resistant bathroom blinds to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Rian’s Window Treatments offers installation and repair services for all our products to guarantee you durable and long lasting window shades for your home.

Call us on 9581 5005 to discuss your needs. Ring us now for a free quote.

Where Can You Buy The Best Curtains In Mandurah?

For lovely flooring call Rian’s Window TreatmentsThe right curtains add beauty and style to your home.  They are an important element of any room; here are couples of reasons why:

  • Control heat and light
  • Create the desired atmosphere and make the room complete

Finding a quality supplier will help make the search for perfect curtains for your home easier.

A quality supplier will offer a variety of styles, either custom made or ready to hang, so you will be able to find curtains that are just right for you. Whatever your choice, the supplier should be able to provide a variety of styles and colours to help you with your decision. A home visit might be helpful too.

If you are looking for the best supplier in Mandurah, then Rian’s Window Treatments is the answer.

We are the boutique curtain store of choice in the local area. We can assist you with your choice of readymade curtains, carry out adjustments if required, or custom design curtains to create the desired atmosphere in your home. We ensure that our customers are provided with everything they need at a price they can afford.

The styles we offer vary from traditional designs to modern and contemporary styles. We are able to help you match your new curtains to your existing blinds and home furnishings.

Phone us to organise a consultation at your home. At Rian’s Window Treatments we offer provide free quotes and measurement at no extra cost.

The right curtains can enhance any room and that is why at Rian’s Window Treatments we take time to help you find the best curtains for your home. We are proud of having curtains for any home design and decor. We are serious about what we do and our professionals are trained with experience identifying curtains that will help match the style of any home. All our curtains are affordable and top quality, we are the best curtain retailer and in Mandurah.

Where Can You Buy The Best Curtains In Mandurah?

Call Rian’s Window Treatments today on 9581 5005 and let us make your dream home a reality.

What’s the best Curtains or blinds for a rental property?

Bedroom CurtainsWondering whether to use curtains or blinds to cover up windows in your rental property? Check out some of the difference between blinds and curtains to see which will be best for you:


  1. Good for tenants with babies
  2. Cheap
  3. East to install

Good for tenants with babies

If your tenants are a family with babies, use curtains to give them a sound sleep keeping the room cosy and silent. Curtains won’t produce sound when air is passing great for tenants who would love to stay in a safe and quiet room to have good night sleep.


You don’t have to spend so much money to cover the windows in your rental property. Curtains are very affordable and presentable as they come up with huge range of fabrics and themes you can choose from.

Easy to install

Put up curtains is easy in your rental property. A quick cost effect way to get good results for your rental property.


  1. Affordable
  2. Look Good
  3. Durable


Vertical_Blinds_AquaBlinds come in many different styles and you will be able to find a type that is perfect to suit your budget. Blinds are very affordable and can be a great addition to an upmarket property.

Look Good

Create elegant or modern look to your rental house with a lovely set of blinds. Pick your themes to match the colours of the walls and get years of life from your blinds.


Save money with blinds perfect to last longer years without getting worn or damaged. You won’t have to change or replace blinds to often if you buy a quality blind that suits the purpose of the room in your rental house.

What’s the best Curtains or blinds for a rental property?

That depends on the type of property you have, whether it is a cheap and cheerful or a move upmarket home. Call Rian’s Window Treatments on 9581 5005 to discuss your curtain and or blind needs. We have a huge range of window treatment including roller shutter, internal shutters, drapes, curtains and blinds.

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