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What is the Best Window Treatment for My Baby’s Nursery?

Babys room curtainsExpecting a baby? Congratulations!

You have lots of things to think about and get for your new baby. When you are decorating the baby’s nursery, there are many things you should consider – space, style, baby decor and the theme. You want everything to be just perfect for your little one.

When deciding on a theme it is good to start with the windows. The window treatment that you choose will be a large block of colour and can make or break your beautiful room.

Window treatments

What are window treatments?

Window treatments are the collective term used for blinds, curtains and drapes that cover the windows in your home. When choosing the right window treatment for your baby’s nursery, there are a number of factors that you should consider.

Here are the lists:

  • The ability to control light
  • Control noise
  • The overall style of the room
  • Safety concerns

The ability to control light

You need to find a window treatment that can give you full control on how much light will enter through the window. Your baby needs sleep the most for their growth – too much sunlight can be a distraction. You can choose blinds as they can be controlled easily, just make sure the cords attached to the wall and are put at a safe distance for the safety of your baby. Think about where the cot will be positioned in relationship to the window because before you blink your tiny baby will become a toddler trying to stand up in the cot.

The overall style of the room

A baby’s room should look like a baby room, lovely and gorgeous, especially if you are having a little girl. The window treatment should complement the overall style of the room in order to accentuate the room’s aesthetic. It should match the room’s colour, theme and decors.

Safety concerns

While beauty and functionality matters, it is the safety that matters the most. Your little one should be safe and protected from any possible harm around them. Choose a window treatment that is child friendly – your baby’s protection must come first before anything else.

What is the best window treatment for my baby’s nursery?

If you are unsure about what to choose, ask us. Here at Rian’s Window Treatments, we have a huge range of options that will be right for you and your baby. We will give you free advice and will show you samples and fabrics of different window treatments options that will work best for your situation. Ring us now for free advice and quotes.  Blinds, curtains, drapes and shutters lots of chooses from luxury to budget option because your baby deserves the best!

What Are Lace Curtains?

Curtain CombinationLace curtains are curtains that are sheer and beautiful. Lace is a fabric that has been made by knotting, twisting or looping threads together to form a pattern. The patterns can be complex or simple but they do have one thing in common, open and closed areas to make patterns in the fabric. The end result is a sheer and light decorative curtain. Manufacturers can use different fibres such as linen, rayon, silk, polyester or cotton to make the lace curtains.

Uses of lace curtains

Lace curtains can be used in different areas of the home. They can be used on their own to create a decorative cover for windows that will still let in the natural light, making them a very popular choice. Alternatively, they can be used under heavier curtains or in combination with blinds. In this way the heavier curtains can be pulled back in the day and still let in most of the light, while creating a decorative covering the windows and some privacy. Or as an extra effect with the blinds.

The beauty of lace curtains is its main feature and you will find a huge pattern range to choose from, from the simple to the intricate and very ornate patterns. This makes these curtains suitable for any home décor or type of home. They also come in different shades of colours but the most common is cream and white.

Care of lace

Lace curtains look so delicate that it may seem they would be hard to care for.  However, the care for lace curtains is usually quite simple.  Remove them from the rod and wash with a mild detergent in the laundry sink. They should not be agitated but instead they should be pulled down and up in the water to remove dirt. Once they are clean, wring them by hand and re-hang when still damp. This helps them dry quickly.

For tougher lace or polyester lace curtains, they can be washed using the washing machine on a gentle wash cycle using a mild detergent (wool wash is great for lace curtains).

At Rian’s Window Treatments we have a large range of lace curtains in a variety of patterns and designs that will suit your taste budget and home design, ring for an appointment on 9581 5005.

Call Rian’s Window Treatments for all your curtains needs that will suit your home perfectly, we can also combine blinds and drapes to your requirements.

Where can I get my indoor blinds fixed in Mandurah

Venetian Blinds are perfect for bathroomsIndoor blinds are versatile and functional treatments for your home. These blinds give protection direct sunlight and provide privacy. The quality of blind varies immensely between brands but if you buy well, your blinds will be durable and last for a long time. However, over time you may find that you require repairs due to wear and tear or an accident. Alterations too may be needed if you have fitted new windows or have moved to a new home.

Where can I get my blinds fixed?

Alterations, repairs and fittings that can be done include:


Before giving up and throwing out your blinds when they have been damaged, think about having them repaired. Your local Mandurah blind alterations experts are Rian’s Window Treatments, our services include:

  • Tilt control replacement
  • Cord lock replacement
  • Vertical blind track replacement
  • Louvre replacement
  • Panel repairs


Having your blinds fitted is one thing that simplifies life.  Repair experts can deal with the hassle of fitting blind tracks, cords, curtain poles and rods, making the process as simple as they can.

At Rian’s Window Treatments we have over 50 years combined experiencein spare parts, accessories and making blinds and curtains. We provide quality custom made window treatment products; can handle all your repairs, installs and alterations.

If you need a part to be matched, take a photo of the part you are looking for and email it to us here at Rians and we will do our best to provide you with the answers you are looking for.

We guarantee quality and services not only in Mandurah but also in Safety Beach, Rockingham, Perth, Baldivis and the surroundings. Call Rian’s Window Treatments for replacement parts, repairs and spares for your blinds and curtains on
9581 5005.

What Are Pelmets and How to Use Them

Curtain pelmetsA pelmet is the framework placed above a window and used for decorative purposes and to hide fittings and curtain rods as well as help in the regulation of light and heat at the top part of the window.  Pelmets sit on top of your window treatments. They are usually made of MDF or wood and can be bought as a kit, readymade on their own or custom made to match your curtains for blinds. The pelmets can either be painted, upholstered or padded.

Selecting pelmets

There are a number of decorative options to choose from, pelmets are an ideal choice for any of the window treatments from the simple style to the contemporary. The best guideline when choosing your new pelmets is to base it on the size that fits the windows.

Pelmets come in different designs and you can opt to add features at the bottom such as tassels or braiding. The unpadded pelmet can be covered using any fabric that you desire. Another option is to paint your pelmets in the same colour as your walls or to be a contrast. It is important to make sure that the pelmet matches with the theme and colour of your room.

How to use pelmets

The pelmet is fitted above the window treatment and hang down to cover the top of it so you get a smooth look without seeing any fixtures. Pelmets are great for preventing drafts and can keep your warm air from escaping through the top of your window in winter.

Pelmets are a great way to finish off your windows and doors, if you are considering using pelmets in your home call Rian’s Window Treatments. We can come to your home to take the measurements and give you a free quote. Our installers are experts in this field and we service Mandurah, through to Perth including Rockingham, Baldivis, Safety Beach and surround and remember we will come to you.

Call Rian’s Window Treatments on 9581 5005 for all your pelmets installation needs.