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Why Are Online Curtains Prices So Cheap?

Curtains to add class ask Rian’s Window TreatmentsHave you ever wondered why the prices for online curtains are so cheap compared to the ones in physical shops?

Here are some reasons for the price difference on the same or similar products.

•             Installation not included

•             Measuring not included

•             Quality may differ

•             Warranties or guarantees

•             Manufacture times may be long

While curtains add an aesthetic value to our home windows and doors, knowing where to buy the curtains is essential. Comparing prices of curtains in shops and online, you will see a range of prices that are totally different. The online shopping sites offered much lower curtain prices than most shops. Remember you get what you pay for and you need to compare apples with apples.

When looking for curtains for your home you need to think about why you need curtains in that room? Do your new curtains need to provide:

•             Privacy you require?

•             Insulation to prevent heat / cold or noise?

•             Match or compliment your existing beautiful furniture?

•             Block light or your theatre room or baby nursery / shiftworker?

Advantages of buying from a local retailer!

There are many advantages to buying local from a shop. You can speak to the owners who will make your new curtains; you can touch and feel the fabrics that your new curtains will be made from. Installation, free measure and quotes can be organised to make sure your curtains fit exactly to your windows and avoid any annoying errors.

What if something goes wrong with your new curtains?

Oh no! Something has gone wrong with your new curtains!

If you have bought them local that’s easy phone the store and the service people will come over and sort your problem out quickly and efficiently.

If you bought your curtains online, you will need to find out where you bought them from. Find the help phone number if they have one or fill in their form and wait for them to get back to you.

Buy local and be guaranteed of quality curtains

Buying local assures you of a quality product that is custom made and will suit your needs exactly.

Rian’s Window Treatments are your family owned local curtain manufacturer in Mandurah, you will be surprised at how affordable buying your new curtains locally can be. Free measure and quote so you have nothing to lose.

Rian’s Window Treatment has new longer opening hours!

Rian’s Window Treatments showroomStill haven’t figured out what time you are free?
Worried about your tight schedule?
Wanting to visit us and yet cannot find the right time?

Good news, we are happy to announce that Rian’s Window Treatment now has longer opening time to serve you better.

We now have new opening times.

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm
Saturday 9am – 2pm

Whether you are looking for:

Rian’s Window Treatment has everything you need. We understand your need to have the perfect covering and window treatment that is why; we are extending our opening hours to cater your needs. With longer hours, we can serve you better and remember we can come to you.

Busy all working week? Saturday is perfect for you and we are open until 2pm so you can drop in and see on Saturday or book an appointment for us to pop out to your place. We can show you the latest products and designs perfect for your window and door covering needs.

We open early from 8am so you can visit us on your way to work on weekdays or after 9am on Saturday.

Rian’s Window Treatment has new longer opening hours!

Rian’s Window Treatment, committed to serve you better with high quality window treatment products, great customer service and now, even longer hours. Your satisfaction is our primary concern, Blinds, Curtains, Flooring, Wall Paper and more.

Call Rian’s Window Treatment on 9581 5005 for all your window treatment needs.
See you soon!