10 things to remember when Buying Curtains

Curtains to add class ask Rian’s Window TreatmentsBuying curtains? Here are some tips to get the best curtains to fit your home.

  1. Consider the room
  2. Determine the purpose
  3. Buy energy efficient curtains
  4. Select the right colour
  5. Never skimp on size
  6. Don’t forget the hardware
  7. Choose the best fabric
  8. Know your weight
  9. Accessorise
  10. Look for tie backs

Consider the room

It is important to choose curtains that will provide your room with the effect that you are looking for. Buy curtains that will allow enough light to brighten up your dim room or darken a theatre or babies room.

Layered curtains look great in living rooms with large windows as they can really set up the décor for your room. For bedroom, avoid using dark coloured curtains as they can make the room look smaller. Use brightly coloured curtains or animated curtains for a child’s bedroom to provide a fun, friendly atmosphere.

Determine the purpose

When thinking about curtains it is important to match them to the purpose of your room. If you are looking for privacy in a front room near the road, lovely lacy curtains just won’t work unless you team them with heavier curtains or a blind. Heavy curtains in a light breezy sunroom probably aren’t your best option either. You can use sheer curtains to brighter a view while maintaining some privacy.

Buy energy efficient curtains

Keep the sun out in summer, while preventing your warm air escaping through your windows winter with heavy lined curtains. Lined curtains reflect the heat from sunlight to prevent your home from heating up in summer and provide great insulation in winter. They can help reduce your reliance on artificial heating and help bring down the cost of your energy bills.

Select the right colour

It is best to use curtains that can complement the overall look of your room. Choose neutral coloured curtains for colourful walls, carpets or furniture with busy patterns. If the room is painted with white, beige or cream walls then go for patterned or colourful curtains to add a wow factor to the room.

Curtains for th Baby roomNever skimp on size

Curtains should be at least double the width of the window for a full effect. Use long curtains for a rich and elegant look in your living room.

When drapes are too short they will look truncated and will ruin the effect you are trying to achieve. When buying curtains check that the length will work for your needs.

Don’t forget the hardware

Curtain rods and finials should “match” the fabric. Heavier drapes such as velvets should be on a large and decorative rods or substantial bracket systems; while light silks and sheers can sit on light-weight and more dainty rods.

Choose the best fabric

Cotton offers versatility and low maintenance. Velvet curtains provide a luxurious appeal and privacy but a bit heavy for some rooms. Sheer curtains are light and fancy but offer a little privacy. Choosing the right fabric for your room will depend on your lifestyle and budget needs; choose wisely!

Know your weight

If you want a totally dim room, use heavier curtains to give you extreme privacy anytime. For living rooms, curtains with thin density or transparent curtains are great to provide brighter look. Heavy curtains work well for more formal settings.


Pelmets, finials and tassels can be the finishing touch to your curtains. For your bedroom think about matching cushions or occasional pillowcases with your curtain fabric to tie in the whole effect.

Look for tie backs

Tie backs are great to hold your curtains open while providing a decorative appeal. Choose tie backs that match with your curtain style for elegant presentation.

10 things to remember when Buying Curtains

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